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1 - David Harris
Chief executive officer.

Prior to founding TC LTD, Mr. David Harris has held key positions in brokerage firms trading equities, options, futures and foreign exchange. His responsibilities include developing and maintaining TC online trading platforms. He has driven the development and promotion of the firms technology products and capabilities to customers and partners. Mr. David Harris attended the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

2 - Dan Baker
Managing director Chief Financial.

He has held as head of Institutional equity sales & electronic trading. Over the years he has held positions in a variety of foreign exchange and futures dealerships. Dan Baker is the global head of sales and is directly responsible for the institutional sales & partnership desk. Mr. Baker attended the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

3 - Jason Gordon
General Manager.

He is responsible for the supervision of all the compliance and back office Mr. Gordon holds a Master degree in International Trade & Transport from London Guildhall University, London, UK.

4 - Sharon Stewart
Head of Dealing Desk.

She holds a degree in Banking and Property Finance from City University in London as well as diplomas from the Financial Markets Association ( ACI ).

5 - Patrick Richardson
Senior Trader and Analyst.

Mr. Patrick Richardson held various responsibilities as trader in equities, bonds and investment funds. In August 2019, Mr. Patrick Richardson joined as Head of Trader, managing Treasury and Forex risk management as well as Stock Exchange operations.

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